American Institute, Gurgaon (1998); A building with a title, ‘earth sheltered’, was designed considering sustainability as its first priority. Energy efficiency, material selection for reduction in wastes and pollution are the guides for designing. AIIS being traditional in its look, yet adopted innovative and simple energy conserving and passive cooling measures. The ambience is created by using vegetation and water bodies in courtyards for keeping the building naturally cool.

Type of work done by SDC: Architectural design

Type of Project: Sustainable

Other Special Features: Passive cooling, Two stage evaporative cooling

The headquarter of AIIS comprise of offices, art and architecture archives and libraries. This earth sheltered traditional Indian building invites people to feel at home because of its unassuming scale.

Natural materials like brick, exposed concrete, and sandstone add to this ambiance. Courtyards impart AIIS the look of non-air-conditioned building, reducing the need for air-conditioning. Courts also bring light and provide internal views.