CMC Limited Building, Mumbai (1992); FIRST INTELLIGENT BUILDING, BUILDING WITH BRAINS, Or SMART HOUSE…. An office building with so many titles which reached new level of sophistication in intelligent buildings of India. The CMC software was an attempt to create an environment which generates freedom of thought and expression. A hi-tech building which presented a journey to the future, where computers control the air conditioning, lighting, security, even the venetian blinds without human intervention, designed to help people work, think, and live better.

Type of Project: Office Building

Type of work done by SDC: Architectural design Interiors


Project Quality: Sustainable

Other Features: Intelligent building, Special daylighting, slow staircase , helical building

CMC was the first intelligent building in India. The building design makes special use of daylight. Its core space is a small atrium that brings daylight into the inner space.

Office spaces are wrapped around the atrium like a helix. Floor divisions disappear, encouraging people to walk up. ‘Man’s search for the divine’, a set of sculptures by Suruchi Chand reinforce the helical theme. Glass is used as a cladding material that stays clean in humid climate.