Gupta House, Gurgaon, 2012

Type of Project: House

Type of work done by SDC: Design & Build, Arch + Int design,

Other Special Features: Green façade Interiors

The residents of this 840 sqm plot in Gurgaon are an elderly couple who love nature and art and tend to spend more time outdoors than indoors. The central position of the house on the plot creates a summer garden in front and a winter garden in the rear. While the winter garden receives ample sunlight the summer garden remains shaded by buildings, verandah and a gazebo. The living, dining, kitchen and a small office all open on to the summer garden.

The entrance to the house is marked by a large bamboo canopy. The façade is also wrapped in this organic shading screen to keep the area cool. The entrance lobby leads one to the central gallery with a floating staircase. This space is conceived as an art gallery and defines the public and private realms of the house. A small vertical axis wind turbine and photovoltaic panels at the top of a centrally placed tower exemplifies the environment friendly intent.